Throughout your life, you must have most likely met people and wondered “Something is definitely not right with this person”. But at the same moment, you could not pinpoint exactly what the problem is. You could not comprehend why this person is the way he/she is, even though you must have used this not so positive adjective for someone at least once in your lifetime “What a Narc”. And eventually due to lack of recognition of this personality when it was highly needed, you get stung by his/her negative traits.

However in order to deal with narcissistic behavior, you must identify the person showcasing these behaviors first. There are several traits physical appearance wise which are found to be common in every narcissist as follows:


One of the most obvious things which a narcissist likes to do is to grab attention. And what is the most efficient way other than dressing up for attention seeking? They like to keep their dress up game strong so that they could steal all the spotlight and be the talk of the evening. By catchy dressing up does not mean eye blinding sparkling dresses but rather a decent with strong demeanor and shouting dominance. They like their outfits flawless, on point and won’t tolerate even a slightest bit of an outfit match with anyone else. They won’t go anywhere lower than a respectable clothing brand and make sure that their personality becomes a living walking brand itself.


In order to move your narcissist detecting radar in full motion, facial expressions and features may prove to be of great help. Usually narcissists tend to have thicker and denser eyebrows which give them the usual facial features a narcissist acquires. In case of a female narcissist, she would make sure that her face is properly caked with tons of makeup and she likes to be a trendsetter whether it is any makeup hack or aceing in the competition of wearing provocative clothes. In their eyes, if you look closer and more attentively, you can easily detect that mischievous glint which appears only at the cost of someone’s suffering. The smile would seem handsome and mysterious at the same time and there is a higher chance that you would be drawn to it.

To conclude, I would like to say that since there are multiple types of narcissist prevailing in society, their choice of maintaining physical appearance would also be different. The physical traits discussed in this article does not entirely imply on each and every type of narcissist but more specifically on grandiose narcissism. 

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