Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Narcissism, a term thrown around freely in our culture’s fascination with selfies and celebrity worship, often characterizes those who appear excessively self-absorbed or conceited. However, in the realm of psychology, narcissism doesn’t equate to genuine self-love. Instead, it denotes a fixation on an idealized, grandiose self-image. This infatuation serves as [...]

7 Ways to Deal with Narcissistic Tantrums/Rage

Ever heard of “narcissistic rage”? It’s like when someone goes full-on tantrum mode, but instead of being a toddler, they’re a full-grown adult. Crazy, right? These tantrums happen when a narcissist feels like their ego’s taken a hit, whether they’re feeling challenged, embarrassed, or just plain powerless. Now, there’s no [...]

How To Identify A Narcissist In Workplace

Ever found yourself trapped in the tangled web of office drama? Well, welcome to the club! We’ve all had those delightful encounters with challenging coworkers. You know, the ones who make you question your life choices and contemplate a career as a hermit. Workplace disagreements are like the cherry on [...]

Effective Narcissist Text Replies

Narcissism, a complex personality trait marked by self-centeredness and a lack of empathy, extends its reach into modern communication methods, including text messages. Responding to narcissist text interactions often demands careful consideration and deliberate strategies to maintain personal boundaries and emotional well-being. Understanding and implementing effective responses can significantly impact [...]

10 Ways To Make A Narcissist Fear You

Narcissistic individuals often exert control and manipulation in relationships, causing distress and imbalance. Understanding how to confront and manage such personalities can significantly impact the power dynamics. Here are strategic ways to make a narcissist fear your autonomy and strength. 1. Introduction Narcissism, a personality disorder marked by self-centeredness, entitlement, [...]


Behavioral psychology is a large field, as seen by the extensive amount of study required to become a qualified psychologist. I’ve encountered a wide variety of people with various personalities and behaviors. The fact that the same anatomical brain can react in so many different ways is rather fascinating, isn’t [...]


Narcissism that is frequently camouflaged in a very effective way by concealing its evident symptoms is referred to as covert narcissism. NARCISSISM: It is simple to define narcissism as a personality disorder in which a person exhibits an exaggerated sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy for others, as well [...]