How To Identify A Narcissist In Workplace

Ever found yourself trapped in the tangled web of office drama? Well, welcome to the club! We’ve all had those delightful encounters with challenging coworkers. You know, the ones who make you question your life choices and contemplate a career as a hermit. Workplace disagreements are like the cherry on top of the professional sundae –inevitable and not always pleasant.

But wait, there’s more! Enter the world of narcissistic coworkers. These special creatures take office challenges to a whole new level. It’s like dealing with a diva on a constant caffeine high. Now, let’s embark on a thrilling journey of unraveling their quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Identifying these peculiar traits is like wielding a secret weapon against the forces of workplace chaos. Picture it as your superhero skill set for maintaining sanity in the midst of professional pandemonium. Recognizing patterns becomes your superpower, helping you build a fortress of resilience.

Now, why bother with all this? Because, my friend, preparation is the key to survival in the corporate jungle. By spotting these peculiar patterns, you’re essentially putting on your mental armor. It’s like having a shield against the ego-driven arrows that narcissistic coworkers shoot your way.

So, gear up, intrepid office warrior! Recognize those patterns, arm yourself with resilience, and face workplace obstacles like a boss – a boss who’s immune to the antics of the narcissistic circus performers lurking in the cubicle jungle.

12 Traits of a Narcissist Coworker

  • The Great Credit Heist:

In the spotlight of success, narcissists take a bow, claiming all the glory. But wait, did anyone else contribute? Well, that’s a different story – one they conveniently rewrite.

  • The Blame Tango:

When the ship hits an iceberg, narcissists have their lifeboats ready – a lifeboat named ‘Blame.’ It’s never their fault; it’s an elaborate dance of denial, deception, and deflection.

  • Attention Demolition Derby:

Picture this: a self-centered maestro orchestrating a symphony of demands. Narcissists have a knack for making scenes, stealing the spotlight like a cat burglar after a diamond.

  • Gossip Olympics:

In the chaos arena, narcissists shine. With their expert triangulation tactics, they turn colleagues into gladiators, spreading rumors like confetti at a carnival – especially when jealousy rides the carousel.

  • Feedback Fireworks:

Criticism to a narcissist is like garlic to a vampire – they recoil. Constructive feedback is the kryptonite that triggers a defensive explosion, leaving casualties in its wake.

  • The Charismatic Conundrum:

Enter the smooth-talking narcissist, a charmer at first sight. They’ve got charisma on tap, making them the life of the party – until you realize the party is just a one-act play.

  • Above-the-Rules Rollercoaster:

Rules are for peasants, not for the narcissist royalty. They take detours through ethical shortcuts, all while enforcing a different set of standards for the common folk.

  • Passive-Aggressive Parade:

Sarcasm, negativity, gaslighting – the narcissist’s arsenal. They’ll criticize with a smirk, then backtrack with a ‘Just kidding!’ or ‘No offense!’ It’s a rollercoaster of emotional whiplash.

  • Reassurance Request Rodeo:

Beneath the grandiose exterior, some narcissists are insecure souls craving validation. They seek reassurance like a desert wanderer seeks water – incessantly and with a touch of desperation.

  • Conversation Monopoly Mayhem:

Ever been in a conversation with a narcissist? Good luck. They’re the maestros of interruption, ignoring, and hijacking the dialogue. It’s their world; we’re just living in it.

  • Jealousy Jamboree:

Arrogance meets insecurity in a chaotic dance of envy. Narcissists, despite their self-proclaimed greatness, can’t handle the success of others. Cue the green-eyed monster.

  • The Perfection Pursuit:

Striving for excellence is noble, but for the narcissistic coworker, it’s a pursuit destined for disappointment. Nothing is ever good enough, leaving colleagues tiptoeing through a minefield of unattainable expectations.

Challenges Of Working With A Narcissist

Ah, the joys of working with a narcissist – it’s like being stuck in a never-ending episode of a workplace sitcom. Let’s dive into the circus of challenges that these self-absorbed maestros bring to the professional stage:

  • Productivity Downfall:

Picture this: a narcissist disrupting workflows, causing conflicts, and playing the deadline dodge. Efficiency? Oh, that’s just a casualty in their quest for the perfect self-portrait.

  • Morale Meltdown:

Working alongside a narcissistic colleague is like trying to dance the cha-cha in quicksand. Collaboration goes out the window, and resentment and stress take center stage, turning the workplace into a toxic tango of demotivation.

  • Turnover Heightened:

Employees feeling as valued as yesterday’s leftovers? Thank the narcissist in the room. Their knack for making others feel unappreciated, unsupported, and downright miserable is the perfect recipe for a revolving door of staff.

  • Dynamics Disaster:

Teamwork with a self-centered coworker? It’s like trying to juggle flaming torches in a hurricane – challenging, hazardous, and bound to end in chaos. Sharing ideas and building trust become a comedic act in this workplace circus.

  • Health Havoc:

Spending nine-to-five with a selfish, hostile, and inconsiderate coworker is a crash course in misery. The conflict and competition they brew up? A surefire recipe for stress that contributes to anxiety, turning your mental and physical health into a trapeze act without a safety net.

Working with a narcissist isn’t just a job – it’s a rollercoaster ride through a circus of challenges, with each day bringing a new act of workplace absurdity. So, buckle up, because the narcissistic show must go on!

11 Tips to Deal With Narcissists At Workplace

In the grand circus of office life, encountering a narcissist is like stumbling upon a peculiar sideshow. Fear not, brave worker, for here are 11 tips to navigate this narcissistic maze without losing your sanity:

  • Learn How Gaslighting Works:

Gaslighting – a psychological tango where reality takes a backseat. Familiarize yourself with the moves of coercion, manipulation, and deliberate lies. It’s like learning the choreography to a bizarre Broadway show, but with a dash of workplace drama.

  • Avoid Taking Things Personally:

Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about your narcissistic coworker’s ego trip. Don’t let their crossfire hit the bullseye of your emotions. Taking things personally is like inviting anger, impatience, and a side dish of self-blame to the office potluck.

  • Maintain Realistic Expectations:

Hop off the wishful thinking express. Accept your coworker’s quirks without expecting a sudden personality makeover. Focus on embracing reality, even if it’s as strange as a UFO sighting during a lunch break.

  • Note Down Offensive Behavior:

In the world of narcissists, toxic behavior often flies under the radar. Document the shenanigans for future reference. It’s like creating a scrapbook of workplace weirdness – you never know when you’ll need the evidence.

  • Set Firm Boundaries:

Create your own bubble of sanity. Set physical, mental, and emotional boundaries. It’s like putting up an ‘Enter at Your Own Risk’ sign, reminding the narcissist that respect is a two-way street.

  • Assertiveness: 

In the narcissist’s game of manipulation, they favor the submissive players. Be the assertive hero in this narrative. Stand tall, voice your values, and watch as the narcissist’s power dwindles faster than a deflating balloon.

Boss Whisperer

When the office drama hits a crescendo, it’s time for a chat with the boss. Stick to the facts, avoid character assassination, and let your boss be the referee in this workplace wrestling match.

  • Gossip-Free Zone:

No one likes a workplace rumor mill, especially when dealing with a narcissist. Keep your lips sealed; don’t give them ammunition. Remember, loose lips might sink ships, but in the workplace, they can torpedo your career.

  • Beware of Flattery And Bombing:

Beware of sudden adoration from the narcissist. They might shower you with love and compliments, only to turn on you when reality hits. Consider it a workplace romance with all the charm of a soap opera plot twist.

  • Never Overshare Personal Details

Keep it professional and minimal. Narcissists may fish for personal information, but keep your life a mystery. It’s like having a classified file that even the nosiest coworker can’t crack.

  • HR, the Ultimate Referee:

When all else fails, it’s time to bring in the big guns – Human Resources. Your workplace rights matter, and HR is there to ensure they’re not trampled upon. Document the madness, keep it objective, and let HR be the judge in this circus of workplace woes.


For those who’ve tangoed with a Narcissistic Devil, this blog is your reality check. You’re not crazy, and the abuse isn’t a figment of your imagination. Consider this your survival guide in the circus of workplace sanity – where you’re the ringmaster, not the victim of a narcissistic sideshow.

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