People who have narcissistic personality disorder frequently come off as egotistical or superior, but this is just a way for them to compensate for a shaky sense of self-worth. People with NPD may find it difficult to get along with others due to the disease, but therapy can teach them positive approaches to social interaction.


Narcissism is a personality condition that takes time and experience to manifest and does not manifest itself quickly.

Once you encounter a narcissist or understand how manipulation works, you won’t understand what gas lighting is. It is best understood by narcissists.

If we truly understand what narcissism is and what it looks like, the use of narcissistic behaviors may not be novel.

Let me share some examples of narcissism to illustrate its genuine nature.


My inbox was swamped with numerous accounts of various people flaunting and showing off to the extreme, some of which are worth mentioning.

  • The mother of one of my friends is narcissistic. A recognized narcissist who has harmed her daughter’s mental well-being and is one of my dearest friends. She once described her mother’s attitude to me by saying that, despite the fact that she already has a lot of designer bags, her mother spends a lot of money on them because she wants to showcase the GUCCI bags at parties and clubs.
  • In elementary school, I used to be partnered up with a child in our class.

Although we bonded well, the unusual things I learned about at the time are what really gets me. Despite the fact that I didn’t fully understand what narcissism is, when I think back on our interesting chats, it just strikes me how narcissistic that kid was. She used to engage me in lengthy conversations in which she would gush about her travels across the globe, her good times, and how her life had changed as a result of her advantages.

In one amusing incident, I mistakenly thought she owned a pool in her house that would periodically etch her name into the water with bubbles as she entered the pool. Once, I fervently believed this, and it was a mistake.

  • This is a tribute to a young, rising blogger who is constantly busy mentioning all the events in her life in articles and stories. She can be seen explaining how opulently wealthy she is and urging her followers to follow in her footsteps in the daily necessities.  

Who would like to follow her skin care routine worth your possessions?


  • An article of a narcissistic lady who saw her husband and their only child brutally murdered appeared somewhere in a newspaper. This severe trauma caused her to develop extreme narcissism, which she used to build her own world and pretend to be happy. She also bought a new house, started a makeup business online, and began flaunting everything she owned while abusing and threatening anyone who dared to expose her façade.
  • The tragic experience of one’s ex-boyfriend who turned out to be a narcissist was described in a tinder story posted on a group. The girl was awestruck by the boy’s charismatic personality, which he displayed so admirably when taking her out on a date. This sparked further discussions and meet ups, which eventually led to a romantic connection. She describes how the first two weeks were fantastic but how the mask was removed after a few days, revealing a troubling personality with an aggressive and envious attitude that led to a bad outcome, and how the initial two weeks turned into a nightmare.


One of the most noticeable characteristics of a narcissist is their unceasing need for praise. People who have NPD have a strong desire for others’ admiration and attention. This is because they frequently look to other people for sources of self-esteem and lack a clear sense of who they are as individuals. A person with NPD could engage in attention-seeking behavior in an effort to win the respect they believe they merit or need.

  • Although this seems to be typical and occurs with all of us, one of my friends is so self-absorbed that she is constantly asking us to like and comment on her posts. When I say she is narcissistic, I really mean it. When a member of our group doesn’t acknowledge a post, the person shouts and becomes angry. Every time she gets a new haircut, coat of paint on her nails, or outfit, we are meant to complement her.

Does she not have a narcissistic personality?

  • Due to his narcissistic abuse, a boss’s employer was attacked online. Despite the fact that his work hours were set by contract to be limited, he described how his supervisor used to force him to work nonstop.

He claims, “He always had me work even when I was at home and wanted my own place even though the firm was doing very well. His one and only goal is to always be at the top of the list and to win all the accolades whenever we release a new product.  I’m pretty proud of myself for realizing when it became exhausting.

  • One of my relatives spoke about her spouse and how annoying it is for her to feel the need to continuously praise him in front of family and friends, even though he is completely the opposite in reality. She also talked about how upset he used to become when she and the kids didn’t reciprocate their admiration for him.


The term “narcissist” is used to a lot of celebrities and public figures, even though many of them actually fit the description.

The Kardashain family and those that are connected to them, such as Kanye West, are one of the best examples.

  • There is never a day that goes by without the media bringing up this family and the deeds that they have done.This demonstrates their extensive use of social media.

Kim, Kylie, and Kendel are frequently observed discussing fashion, beauty, and selfie trends on Instagram Stories in an effort to garner attention and adoration. The family’s haughtiness, which is well-liked by magazines and the media when various members are discovered to be in hot trouble due to their egotistical, unpleasant, and narcissistic public utterances.

We are constantly given glimpses into Kim and Kylie’s narcissistic personalities through their beauty lines.

  • How can we forget to bring up the Kanye West drama, which turned out to be one of Hollywood’s most intriguing tales?

He has garnered more Grammys than any other rap artist, including Jay-Z, with 24. The way that West reinvents himself with each record is another factor that has greatly influenced him. He isn’t hesitant to push an idea to its logical conclusion or provide fresh aesthetics to the music business. He also gained a great deal of notoriety as a result of his connection with Kim, a member of the Kardashian family, and later their children and marriage, which ultimately ended negatively with instances involving disparaging Kim’s family and children.

His interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for best music video is one incident I’ve heard of in 2009, I believe. She was in the middle of saying something when Kanye came on stage and interrupted her, screaming that Beyoncé should have won instead. He was later kicked out of that performance as a result of shocking the audience, infuriating other celebrities, confusing Beyonce, and seriously upsetting her followers. In conclusion, Kanye didn’t really give a damn about Taylor or how she might have felt after putting in so much effort just to hear that she didn’t deserve the prize while getting it. Despite how egotistical this incident appears to be. Consider how he treats Kim’s family, including his children, to see how controlling he is. Even his staff members are required to wear the clothes he chooses, and he establishes absurd regulations that they must all abide by, such as: Kim K. can’t talk to anyone.

  • Recently, Kylie Jenner was harshly criticized on the internet after being charged with exploiting the health situation. The young lady is vulnerable to criticism, just like her sisters. The confidences of a VTC driver indicate that they are well-deserved. The driver revealed details about the attractive brunette’s unruly behavior to OK! Magazine during an interview. His assessment of Stormi’s mother is that she is unpleasant and narcissistic.


  • On the social media platform TikTok, a user who identifies as a rehabilitated narcissist has attracted 22,000 followers by documenting the ways she claims to have misled others. She admitted that she frequently forced people into “traumatized” and “psychologically distressed locations.”

She continued, “I would draw them into their trauma, like I would identify their trauma and their triggers and then I would gradually dose them with their triggers and their traumas to put them in flight-or-fight mode, so that I could then have more power over them.

She claimed that during the coronavirus outbreak, a man who was “so stuck on her” sent her $150,000. She allegedly told him to kill himself and made him cry, according to the designer, who did not give the man’s name.

  • Speaking with a psychologist, a woman who had been the victim of her lover’s narcissistic manipulation revealed that while her boyfriend had initially been excellent, with time his narcissism had become apparent. She claimed that he used to be verbally abusive to her and pick arguments with her while miraculously making himself the victim. She also said that she used to take the blame for these incidents herself before apologizing to the narcissistic partner. To leave such a poisonous relationship, it took her several months.

Have you ever been the target of narcissistic manipulation?


  • A narcissist tells his own tale and laments his lack of understanding of empathy. He claims, “I myself wasn’t aware of it as I have spent my life this way and am unaware of any other way. Before receiving a diagnosis and knowing more, I had no idea that empathy was a feeling. Instead, I had assumed it to be merely another social requirement and gesture of common decency, like saying “bless you” when someone sneezes or using the titles “ma’am” and “sir.” I assumed that feeling nothing frequently was normal.
  • One interesting story that got my attention in documentaries regarding child labor and associated issues. A kid who worked for a narcissistic family, which included parents and two kids, was the subject of one of the stories in the book. He said they used to treat him horribly, giving him the task of taking care of all household duties, including some that required elder supervision. She said that he had once been burned while making pancakes, but the family was too ignorant to notice and nevertheless reprimanded him and asked him to keep working. He made mention of the fact that he was an orphan and had no place to dwell before visiting them. He had to work really hard despite his young age in order to live at their house.
  • One of my friends recently ended a marriage with a partner who lacked empathy. She testified in court that even though she used to get beaten by her husband, he subsequently asked her to keep working.

She claimed that the moment when he pushed her and she fractured her hand while being forced to continue polishing his shoes and ironing his clothes was the turning point.


If a narcissist is present in your environment, you must act quickly to get assistance because they can be quite upsetting. If you’re still having trouble realizing your worth and making a contribution to society, look for the attributes listed below and get assistance.

1. Arrogance

2. Lack of empathy

 3. Need for adulation

 4. Lack of empathy 

 5. Manipulation

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