There is this very common misconception that when the word “Narcissist “ crosses any person’s mind, he/she presumes that the narcissist we are talking about would most probably be a man. But that is not the case. Narcissism surely prevails in women as well, however the traits through which we recognize this disorder may vary in men and women. There are female narcissist traits which are found mostly in every narcissist woman and following is the list.


Female narcissists tend to become and stay everyone’s personal favorite as they are addicted to attention and always want to play the main role in everyone’s life story. She thinks that by being an important or more likely demanding person emotionally and socially, she would get the special treatment. However, there is always the cost of such expectation and behavior which others have to pay. Female narcissists like to gain an important position by invading the person’s personal space and if the person in return complains about it then a typical narcissist would play her victim card quite tactfully. 


Female narcissists originally suffer from low self-esteem. So in order to boost up their self-esteem and cope up with society, she likes to let others’ self esteem be brutally trampled underneath her feet. She makes others feel so worthless that the victims start to ask themselves “Am I nothing but worth a trash?” She may verbally abuse you, bully you, and spit venom about your appearance and personality. All these things just to belittle you in order to magnify her ego. There would be a time when you would consider yourself as the happiest person in the world because you have finally accomplished the milestone you have been trying to achieve for so long and have worked so hard for it. But a female narcissist would never leave a single opportunity to make it seem like it is not an important milestone you have achieved and that you are just exaggerating it a bit.


A female narcissist with her manipulative and cunning skills would try her level best to spread a dry spell around your relationship with others. In order to become and stay the most important person in any person’s life, a typical female narcissist would leave no opportunity to jeopardize the person’s  relationship with others. She would generate misunderstandings and miscommunication between you and others that would leave you no choice but to be wholly dependent upon you. This was the whole plan from the start. The misunderstanding would eventually turn into hatred and you will be left alone in the end with your so-called narcissist friend.


Empathetic approach or in order words, the tendency of putting yourself in other’s shoes is a blessing to humankind. However, this blessing has not been provided to female narcissists. Females possessing narcissistic characteristics surely do not know how to empathize with the person. They cannot grasp the idea of taking others’ feelings into consideration and show a bit of care towards him/her. In contrast, If you are having a fever and you rain checked for going to the party with your narcissist best friend then instead of pampering you and taking care of you, she would turn all the blame on you and would guilt trip you on ruining her chance of having fun and live her life. Originally, what a normal person would do in this situation, is “understand” and “empathize”.


Since feelings are not the strongest suit for any female narcissist, she mainly focuses on her outer demeanor. She likes to look her best everytime and everywhere. The way she looks and the way her image is portrayed to the second person is what her life revolves around . Even if we talk about the romantic aspect of her life, then it has been observed that a female narcissist only moves forward with a romantic relationship if the lover is capable enough to provide her all of the worldly materialistic desires that she acquires in her heart. This is the reason that her relationships do not last long as the lover gets fed up with providing her worldly things.


This is not a secret that female narcissists really like to play with emotions. There are certain sick and twisted games with respect to feelings and emotions which these women play quite effortlessly. At first, she will get you all wrapped up around her bubble of emotions, will make you emotionally dependent upon and the second she realizes that you have gotten under her wings, she will cut all ties and will toss you like a used tissue. In the end, the worst that could happen to you is you won’t be able to formulate a relationship on the basis of trust with anyone else. You will be afraid that even the genuine person would turn out to be not so genuine. You will doubt the intentions and eventually one by one you will lose your loved ones.


A Female Narcissist has this misconception that she can never do anything wrong. She believes that anything she does, she does it with perfection and more or less no situation arises in which she would have to apologize to anyone else due to her mistake. She hates to be the bigger person and apologizes first. In contrast, even if the slightest chance of occurrence of this situation gets surfaced, she makes sure to blame another person and skillfully dodge the situation.


Praising herself is one of the most favorite hobbies of a narcissist. Nothing about herself seems off to her but rather a perfection. She likes to announce her achievements in a quite exaggerated manner. She will strongly convince you with her false and exaggerated statements that she is a highly desirable woman so that you would develop a platonic liking towards her and admire her in all aspects.

When a female in your life showcases these narcissistic characteristics, it is high time that you re-evaluate her importance in your life and what negative effect she has been spreading around you. You may want to steer clear of these types of personality traits and overall vibes.

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